Amorsoft IT Solutions for the BFSI industry enable you to offer superior customer experiences using our advance product Experience platform, and provide you comprehensive insights into operations with our modern Decisions platform. Amorsoft's regulatory data services ensure full regulatory compliance, while its product Automation and AI solutions help simplify business processes. Our Banking & Financial IT Services also include consulting for digital disruption initiatives, helping you confidently ride the latest technology wave.


Amorsoft retail management system has been developed as a result of many years of experiences working in a variety of unusual business circumstances and different client needs. Each service package is unique to our clients need. As every clients needs can vary, we're confident our tried and true retail management system will work for you. Below are some of our most popular services.The company manages and operates convenience stores, car washes, individuals, local & national wholesalers, and receiverships anywhere in the india and Telangana.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the systems and processes within an organisation that relate to the customer face of that organisation.Typically, this includes Sales Automationm, Customer Service, Marketing Automation. It's important to note that while CRM is often focused on helping organisations improve sales, or to drive a positive customer support experience, a number of modern CRM systems have become much more than just a sales and service platform. That's not to say you can't just have a system for managing your sales pipeline or support tickets - you can. However, a modern CRM platform is designed to do solve a whole spectrum of business challenges


Amorsoft delivers high-precision machining and casting services to leading companies around the globe. With our world-class facilities, we specialize in production of complex components to exacting tolerances. We offer additive manufacturing (3D printing) for proof of concept, design verification, and functional testing. Amorsoft’s variety of qualifications and capabilities testing include chrome plating, anodizing, and hardness testing. Our experience includes manufacturing single parts, package components, complete structures, and assemblies with intricate welding and fabrication.


At Amorsoft we understand that every business is different which is why we take the time to understand your business’s needs and provide a personalised whole-of-business communications solution. We’ll help you decide on the best technology for your location, size, future growth potential and ensure you are NBN-ready. Our experienced consultants will guide you through today’s complicated telecommunication landscape to ensure you have the right phone system & solution – all whilst reducing your costs, upgrading your technology and increasing your productivity.