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Unified IT Infrastructure Management System (UIM)

Organizations are constantly looking for better ways to reduce IT costs, increase business revenue, and decrease risk of service disruption. We provide a single solution to do just that.

A Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform that offers unified view of service delivery across networks, computers, storage, applications and cloud. IT administrators can monitor all aspects of the infrastructure in the entire IT stack, whether they are deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

  •   Track Configuration Changes and Avoid Service Downtime
  •   Optimize the Infrastructure for Better Performance
  •   Enterprise-Wide Performance Monitoring from a Single Console
  •   Improve ROI by right-sizing the infrastructure with capacity planning and resource usage analytics
  •   Improve IT Efficiency through Automation
  •   Reduce Noise with Intelligent Alerting
  •   Speed Up Troubleshooting with Automated Control Actions
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Security and Surveillance Solutions

We provide the complete range of Safety and Security Solutions which does scan the moving vehicles from under vehicle scanning system (UVSS) to Automatic license Plate/number plate recognition system (ALPR).

Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) – It uses high end camera based Image to capture high resolution image of the complete underside of moving vehicle. The visual raw information captured by the system is passed by the system software and subsequently stitched seamlessly in real time to produce a composite image of the entire underside of the vehicle, which facilitates efficient viewing to detect presence of any potentially dangerous objects. It can

  •   Scans vehicles of all categories and sizes
  •   Scans any moving vehicle (up to a speed of 30 Kmph) and produces a high quality image of its underside, in real-time
  •   Driver Image
  •   Automated License Plate Recognition
  •   oreign-Object-Detection
  •   Current underside image with archived image of same vehicle
  •   Automated alert
  •   Seamless integration with other security equipment like boom barriers, tyre killers, etc

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) - it is based on real time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for vehicle monitoring based on automatic number/license plate recognition for tracking, identification and surveillance applications all around the world. The technology is being used to identify and record license plate numbers under most ordinary driving conditions and offers advantages in

  •   Secure & gated entrances
  •   At toll gates
  •   Security and vehicle access
  •   Locate stolen vehicles
  •   Traffic and law enforcement

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Trading and Retail

We offer customized Trading and Retail solution to various business domains. Our comprehensive and flexible solution will manage your business’ details so you can focus on the core business operations. We build the stage that allows you to perform.

  •   End to end Inventory management
  •   Fully integrated with relevant systems
  •   Scalable
  •   Feature rich
  •   Designed to last
  •   Mobile device interface for all stores
  •   PDA device integrationsWeb Shops

Manage your inventory right from your desk, perform physical counts, adjustments and receive with or without a Purchase Order. Our Mobile Solutions gives you instant inventory visibility letting you check prices, availability, and quantities across all of your stores.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

POS software gives you the edge to embrace the future of retail. Built from the ground up by retail experts, our PoS software features help you start, manage and grow your business.

  •   Fully integrated, touchscreen of PoS
  •   User defined multiple
  •   Control Price Overrides
  •   Manage PoS Voids and dicounts
  •   Quick Change Item Price
  •   Define Authority - Manager Authority
  •   Payin and Payout Management
  •   Issue Store credit instead of Refunds
  •   Run Customer Loyalty Program
  •   Visibility of opening and closing activities of the PoS
  •   View store or print various PoS activity listing sales closing

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Hospitality – Café and Restaurant Management

Restaurant point-of-sale solution, gives operators the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace and accuracy of service.

  •   Enter orders and payments
  •   Streamline food preparation and delivery & improve operations
  •   Quick and simplified billing process
  •   Serve more number of orders in a short time
  •   Easily process Takeaway and Delivery orders directly from PoS
  •   Consolidate orders and manage payments from single interface
  •   Table reservation allows customers to pre-book table of choice
  •   Avoid customer wait time during rush hours
  •   Split checks with ease
  •   Modify food orders with just a couple of taps
  •   Manage restaurant floor Layout
  •   Offers various modes like Dine-In, Take-Away, Drive-Thru, Home-Delivery, Web-Orders etc
  •   Manage final payment reconciliations of delivery boys

Laundry Management

Manage laundry in easiest possible ways. The Laundry Management System allows acceptance of advance laundry orders and later adjust these advances against invoices. The systems has features such as

  •   System can be used for both In-house laundry or out-sourced laundry.
  •   Home Order Pickup
  •   Web based management or through an Android app
  •   Create Laundry
  •   Enable several cashier profiles in Laundry,
  •   Offer Laundry Services like Wash, Iron, Dry clean, full Service, Express or normal Delivery and Contract Pricing, etc
  •   Create a Service Order
  •   Confirm the laundry once the order is completed
  •   Mark ready for delivery.
  •   Delivery Invoices can be settled against Cash or Accounts Receivable based on the customer type
  •   Potential Cost analysis on the Services and Laundry can be printed

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School Management System

Comprehensive school management system to ensure smooth functioning of day-to-day operations and gives important visibility to School Management for taking informed decisions. It is integrated with email, mobile SMS along with the personalized mobile app, this app will have login access to Management, Teachers, Parents and Students giving real-time information and alerts for latest happenings at School.

  •   Easy Online and Offline Admissions
  •   Manual and Automated Attendance
  •   Comprehensive Academic Lesson Planning and implementation
  •   Flexible Fee Structures and Online Payment Options for Parents apart from Fee Counter Payment
  •   Transport Subscription with GPS tracking of Student Location throughout the School Schedule
  •   Planning and execution of Exams with Question Paper preparation and printing options
  •   Fully customizable reports.
  •   Mobile App for Parents, Teachers and Administration to have all the updates and Notifications about everything related to students, accounts, academic, vehicle tracking, due fees etc., at your fingertips