Partner With Software Company

Partnership at Keyideas is nurtured on mutual trust, shared risks and profits with ambitious goals. We understand that building strategic solution is a joint effort and hence we like to partner with businesses of all sizes to benefit mutually as well as individually. Our partnership program offers various options for specific business needs for enterprises both small and big. Through our skills and competencies, we ensure that our partners receive high-quality solution and services. As our valued partner, you will have access to all the related resources that will help open doors and grow your business.

Partner With Security and Surveillance Solutions

Security and Surveillance solutions was established over 10 years ago, a British company their main focus is CCTV and Intruder Alarms. Their CCTV range covers Analogue, HD-SD and IP Security and Surveillance solutions offer security solutions that meet the customer’s needs. Not only are they renowned for offering national security installers and CCTV distributors a wide range of Analogue, HD-SDI and IP products, they also have our very own premium quality CCTV brand called Serage.